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Understanding Customer demand

Great S&OP enables Operational Excellence. The first step in S&OP is creating your demand plan. Organizations rely on business development forecasts to create a demand plan, but historical customer demand should play a big role. We want to review historical data for these 4 things; ·        Average ·        Variability ·        Seasonality ·        Trend You could […]

Do your customers recommend you to anyone who will listen?

It isn’t often, but sometimes I have an experience at a business that just blows me away. Every detail is perfect. Every human interaction is friendly and helpful, and the product or service exceeds my expectations. For the two weeks after an experience like this, I recommend this business to every single person I talk […]

Precise Process Newsletter – December 2023

For the last seven years I led a small, New England based manufacturer as the President & CEO. In those seven years we battled customer bankruptcies, bad contracts, foreign competition, rising insurance costs, material shortages, and of course a global pandemic. The way we survived and even grew through this adversity was knowing our business […]