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Managing your team’s stress

I’ve been helping a small manufacturer with some interviewing the last couple of weeks, and there’s been several candidates that are long time employees somewhere else looking for a change. The common complaint from all of them was:   “My company keeps expecting me to do more and more with less and less people and […]

Delivery reassurance is as important as delivery performance

Your delivery performance is integral to your customer’s performance, but sometimes reassurance is just as important as performance. Imagine you’re a buyer responsible for overseeing the procurement of hundreds of components. You placed an order for a critical item 8 weeks ago. The supplier sent an order acknowledgement, but you haven’t heard anything since- even […]

4 tips to Help Control Inventory for Small Manufacturers

In smaller manufacturing businesses, where money and resources can be tight, keeping track of inventory often isn’t easy. Unlike big companies with ERP systems, many small manufacturers don’t use a perpetual inventory system. These systems help update inventory records all the time to show what’s in stock. Small manufacturers don’t always need a complex ERP […]

3 Mistakes Manufacturers Make in Strategic Planning that Hinder Progress

From the small machine shop owner on his drive home, thinking “I need an ID/OD Grinder this year” to the giant conglomerate spending millions for strategy consulting with weeklong planning sessions at a resort. Every business does strategic planning whether they know it or not. The larger and more complex your business becomes the more […]

Supplier Partnerships

When striving for operational excellence, building strong partnerships with suppliers becomes paramount for success. The lead times and minimum order quantities set by your suppliers significantly influence your raw material inventory levels and ultimately impact your overall performance in terms of delivery and quality. But how can you encourage suppliers to shorten lead times, decrease […]