For the last seven years I led a small, New England based manufacturer as the President & CEO. In those seven years we battled customer bankruptcies, bad contracts, foreign competition, rising insurance costs, material shortages, and of course a global pandemic.

The way we survived and even grew through this adversity was knowing our business metrics inside out and creating processes and routines to keep our customers happy. Through this experience, I learned the importance of data that truly tells the story of your business.

I also learned how hard it is to lead a manufacturing business in the United States, and especially in New England. US manufacturing has been in decline for the last 60 years, and void of significant legislation, it will continue. I fear with the disappearance of US manufacturing, we will also lose the inventions and innovators. Without manufacturers in the United States those special, significant breakthroughs that drive new industries will made elsewhere. That is why I founded Precise Process.

I founded Precise Process with a mission of helping US based manufacturers compete on service, efficiency and expertise. I want to be a trusted partner with your business and do anything that I can to help you thrive.

Derek Shoemaker, Principal