Helping manufacturers grow through service, efficiency and expertise

We help you delight customers by teaching you how to evolve into a world class operation.

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Operations management consulting for manufacturing


Our Mission: Help U.S. manufacturers compete through service, efficiency and expertise.

To be successful as a US based manufacturer you need to know your customer better than they know themselves. We can show you how.

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Strategy &

Turn indecision into action. Develop the process of long-term goal planning and communication plans to drive it.

Sales, Inventory &
Operations Planning

Be the supplier to rely on. Understand your customer through statistics to drive fast lead times and on-time delivery.

Supply Chain

Build strong partnerships and networks to make your supply chain quick to react and more precise.

Cost Accounting & Financial
Planning & Analysis

Have confidence in your true costs for every product now and into the future.


Use proven software tools to design sleek processes and collect the data you need.

Our process helps maintain focus on what’s important.

Get control of your data and make it work for you.

Precise Process can help you uncover what you should be measuring in order to design products and services to be proud of, identify ideal partners and thrill customers.


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